1. Oct 30, 2012 8:35pm

    Happy Halloween: Human Skeleton Found Under Tree Overturned During Sandy

    What’s going on in New Haven, Connecticut, you ask? What has the storm wrought in the city best known for providing the gritty backdrop to the education of our future presidents? Here’s what’s going on in New Haven, Connecticut: a fucking ancient skeleton being uncovered by Hurricane Sandy, that’s what.

    One Katie Carbo, a sometime Occupy New Haven participant, was the first to report the skeleton, its remains caked in dirt and threaded with the roots of a huge tree that the storm had overturned on the Upper Green:

    The tree fell at around 6 p.m. Monday near the peak of Superstorm Sandy. A stone marker at the foot of the tree identifies it as a “Lincoln Oak,” planted in 1909 on the 100th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s birth. […] Carbo… spotted bones in the tree as she looked at it Tuesday afternoon. She remembered thinking, “Wait a minute, that doesn’t look like a regular rock.” It turned out to be a skull. She touched it, a piece came off, and she could tell it was bone, she said. “I took a stick and unearthed it more,” Carbo said.

    Carbo wasn’t the first to find the skeleton; a local artist named Silas Finch found it while, and I’m quoting the Independent here, “looking for old coins” (“He even came back Tuesday morning to dig some more”) but thought it was animal remains The skeleton is believed to have been there a “long, long time”; the area was apparently once used as a cemetery, which makes the whole thing [Dracula voice] spookier. “I feel like it was just someone’s earthly shell. Their soul is long gone from here,” Caro said. Ah.

    [New Haven Independent]

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    I see New Haven hasn’t lost any of its charm and quaintness since I’ve left.
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    HOLYSHIT WHY IS EVERYONE SO FRICKEN STUPID the new haven green used to be a fricking cemetary/burial ground, so of...
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    This means state archaeologist Nick Bellantoni gets called in, I can’t wait to hear what they discover.
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    Hurricane sandy gives us history lessons #Merica!
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    O_O That is terrifying!
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    What’s going on in New Haven, Connecticut, you ask? What has the storm wrought in the city best known for providing the...