1. Oct 31, 2012 10:46am

    On Toni Braxton’s recent Behind the Music, she talked about receiving a royalty check worth $2,000 after selling tens of millions of albums. It was a reminder of how horribly the record industry has routinely screwed its artists, particularly those signed to LaFace. This clip isn’t quite as exhaustive as the one of Left Eye describing how a group could sell 10 million records and still be broke, but it’s grim as hell. Braxton experienced would could be termed a diva curse, as she had to finance her glamorous image.

    After declaring bankruptcy, they took away the woman’s Grammys for auction and she started selling fewer and fewer records (though by suing her record company, she was able to secure millions). So that’s sad. Oprah shamed her on national television for over-spending and on BTM, Braxton recounted the talk show appearance with venom that most are usually too frightened to direct at Oprah. So that’s exciting.

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