1. Oct 31, 2012 11:59am

    New Jersey governor Chris Christie made good on his promise to issue an executive order postponing Halloween if conditions did not allow for safe trick-or-treating.

    "I’ve taken this action to minimize additional risks to lives and the public safety as we begin the process of rebuilding and recovering from Hurricane Sandy," Christie said in a statement shortly after signing Executive Order 105. “As governor, it is my responsibility to use all available resources of the state government to protect against the emergency created by Hurricane Sandy – postponing Halloween celebrations by five days is a commonsense and necessary step to accomplish that.”

    Halloween in New Jersey is therefore rescheduled (temporarily, one would assume) for November 5th.

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    Remember remember the … Halloween.
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    remélem karácsonykor is jön egy hurrikán, bár tény, hogy a legjobb az lenne, ha szilveszterkor is lenne egy, így new...
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    he’s been kind of a dick to his residents this week, instead of being comforting, but this might be a decent step.
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