1. Oct 31, 2012 2:51pm

    The Subway Is Back (Sorta)

    As of tomorrow, mass rail transit is kinda returning to New York City! The upshot, basically, is:

    • You can get from the Bronx to Upper Manhattan, and Upper Manhattan to the Bronx.
    • You can get from Queens to Upper Manhattan, and Upper Manhattan to Queens. 
    • You can kinda get around Queens and the Bronx
    • You can get east to west in north and central Brooklyn, and 
    • from central Brooklyn to parts of South Brooklyn, and vice versa. 
    • If you want to go between Brooklyn and Manhattan you can take one of three shuttle busses, running from, respectively, Atlantic Center, Jay Street and Hewes St. and all going to 57th and Lexington Ave.

    Here it is line by line:

    1: Operating between 242nd Street and Times Square

    2: Operating between 241st Street and Times Square (express between 96th and 42nd)

    3: Suspended

    4: Operating between Woodlawn and Times Square, and between Borough Hall and New Lots Ave. in Brooklyn

    5: Operating express between Atlantic Ave. and Flatbush

    6: Operating between Pelham Bay Park and Times Square

    7: Suspended (Times Square-Grand Central Shuttle in full service)

    A: Operating between 168th St. and Penn Station, and between Jay St. and Lefferts Blvd.

    B: Suspended

    C: Suspended

    D: Operating between 205th St. and Herald Sq., and between Atlantic Ave. and Bay Parkway

    E: Suspended

    F: Operating between 179th St. and Herald Sq., and between Jay St. and Avenue X

    G: Suspended

    J: Operating between Jamaica Center and Hewes St.

    L: Operating between Broadway Junction and Rockaway Parkway

    M: Operating between Myrtle Ave. and Metropolitan Ave.

    N: Operating between Herald Sq. and Ditmars Blvd. 

    Q: Suspended

    R: Operating between Jay St. and 59th St. Brooklyn

    — Max

    Note: an earlier version of the map incorrectly included Herald Square and Times Square in the “Nope” Zone. It has since been updated to accurately reflect the subway changes.

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    Have you seen the subway service map? Lower Manhattan does not exist because a lot of the stations look like the picture...
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