1. Oct 31, 2012 3:45pm

    On a personal level, my wonderful introduction to New York City continues. We’ve had no power since Sunday night, and no idea when that might end. Even charged cell-phones south of 29th Street get no service at all (which is a tiny deterioration from AT&T’s usual service). There is no hot water. Even better, the front door to our building works on an electric FOB system, which, of course, has failed. So for a while, only one of us could leave the building at any one time. This made life a little difficult. Eventually we found a master key, which allowed me to escape today to get some work done.

    I’m blogging today from a midtown Starbucks, where every available electrical outlet is being used by displaced downtowners. The atmosphere around me is probably like rush-hour in Calcutta.

    — Andrew Sullivan, pioneer diarist, continues to tirelessly document his new life in third-world hellhole New York City, no matter how crowded the Starbucks from which he blogs, no matter how many electric key fobs are shorted, no many how bad the cell-phone service is. Previously in this series: Andrew Sullivan gets the wrong couch delivered to his apartment.
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