1. Oct 31, 2012 5:17pm

    Lower Manhattan Power Lunch Spot Becomes Sidewalk Kitchen

    The power imbalance between upper and lower Manhattan was never going to last forever: two days after closing for the hurricane, SoHo power-lunch spot Balthazar has re-opened. After a fashion. Trapped in a powerless Dead Zone, the bistro can’t exactly seat people; it can, however, dish out food, cooked on a sidewalk grill, to hungry passers-by. It only looks like a Halal cart, though — according to Twitter chatter, they’ve got lobster and steak sandwiches at a fraction of the price that they’d normally be. Makes having to walk up to Hell’s Kitchen to charge your phone almost worth it. — Max [photo by Nick Denton]

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    Literally right across...street from where I work. Dammit.
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    I used to work right near here.
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