1. Nov 2, 2012 2:24pm

    They asked people who identified themselves as fans of teams that had advanced to the NCAA championship tournament’s later rounds in 2009 to rate Obama’s job performance. Result: The further the respondents’ teams advanced, the higher their approval of Obama. Another recent study found a relatively high correlation between local sports teams’ success and mayoral reelection rates.
    — Social scientists have proven that the performance of popular sports teams can have a significant impact on election numbers. The performance of the Ohio State football team could decide the presidential election. Also, asking people who they think will win is a better predictor of election results than asking people who they support. Americans care about sports, and about popularity. Anything but the issues, really. This is what freedom means.
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    No, how a team performs does not have “a significant impact” on election numbers — merely a significant positive...
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